Pyramid Lake Marina

​Fireworks Images at the Fireworks Store

2500 Lakeview Dr. Sutcliffe, NV 89510

Phone Number (775) 476-0700

I-80 Smoke Shop

Fireworks Sold Year Round at All Three Locations

About Pyramid Lake Tribal Enterprises

Pyramid Lake Tribal Enterprises

The Nixon Store

50 US HWY 447 Nixon, NV 89424

Phone Number: (775) 574-0467

1000 Smoke Shop Cr.  Wadsworth NV 89442

Phone Number: (775) 575-2181

Fireworks Store

There are three locations to purchase Big Fireworks. 
I-80 Smoke Shop located at 1000 Smoke Shop Cr. in Wadsworth, NV 89442 (just off Exit 43)
The Nixon Store located 50 State Route 447 Nixon, NV 89424
Pyramid Lake Marina located at 2500 Lakeview Dr.  in Sutcliffe, NV 89510